August 3, 2017 - Holly Foxworth

Respiratory Testing Made Easy

With all the talk about respiratory testing requirements, Axiom OHP is here to deliver the facts about what is needed to keep you ahead of the game.

According to OSHA, an employer must provide a medical evaluation to determine an employee’s medical eligibility for respirator use.

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Many times, the physician or licensed healthcare professional (PLHCP) may make a medical determination as to whether an employee is able to safely wear a respirator, based on each employee’s medical evaluation questionnaire.

Occasionally, the PLHCP may determine a follow-up medical examination will be necessary to make a final decision.

After reviewing the questionnaire or conducting a follow-up medical examination, the PLHCP will provide the employee and employer with a written recommendation.

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The written recommendation cannot include any confidential medical information regarding the employee.

Do you feel like your time is being spent chasing down results, paying outrageous clinics fees and trying to determine if you’re following all of the federal regulations? We know the feeling.

We’ve found that many companies who are managing their own occupational health programs, such as respirator testing, are not only spending too much time and money doing it, but many times, not getting accurate results.

That’s where we come in.  Our expert OHP Program Managers can take care of every detail for you, from scheduling evaluations, reviewing exams for accuracy and paying invoices, all without you having to lift a finger.

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